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Photographic views on things.
The Making of Nopo Wooden Pinhole Cameras
Watch this video and enjoy live handcrafting of a unique camera.
Sighisoara: At the origins of Dracula’s legend.
The dominant Mountain Church is one of the landmarks in Sighisoara where back in 1431 was born Vlad Tepes, later ruler of Valachia and literary model of Bram Stoker's "Dracula".
2015 Nov03
Berlin back-light view from seat 1F
First I was completely blinded by the rising sun, but shortly after I got aware of this amazing scenery. Fortunately, my iPhone was not switched off, but in flight mode.
Short visit to Corbi rock church
If you manage to find the monk who is in charge to help visitors, you might find it an exiting place for available light photography.
Sunny Beach cloudy moods
Sunny Beach (Слънчев Бряг) close to Nessebar with its historical old city is one of Bulgaria's most popular Black Sea beach resorts and a good place for budget vacation at basic standards.
Pelle Janssen and other dishes I like in Moscow
Scandinavia restaurant - one of Moscow's top places where expats have been socializing since the early 1990s.
Snapseeding Moscow Urban Shots
Though I am a declared refuser of photo filtering software and Instagram-style pimped up pictures, I obviously did a nice job here with Snapseed.
Haute cuisine and swiss coziness at “Casa Mica Elvetie”, Predelut
Top cuisine, high accommodation standards and Swiss hospitality amidst native Romanian mountainside create the particular charme and flair of Swiss chef Jakob Hausmann's "Casa Mica Elvetie" at Predelut.
Jeep farewell with wrong camera lens
Strange experience of shooting mountains with a macro lens on Kodak Kodachrome™ 25.
Fantastic shots at Dumbrava Sibiului, Sibiu, Romania
One of Romania's best places to gain insights into traditional rural architecture, craftsmanship and habits.
Fried bugs, fresh herbs, spiciness – Vietnam’s native cuisine
At the origins of healthy eating. Fresh homemade food wherever people go. Impossible not to like.
Saigon, the sympathetic anthill
Saigon - for me the world capital of street business. Cookshops and snack stands at every 50 meters. Basic, fresh, authentic.
Kuala Lumpur backyard views
City of contrasts. Transition from traditional to modern. Extensive walking reveals interesting vis-á-vis.
“Pomana porcului” at Curtea de Arges, Romania
Slaughtering the pig and eating from its raw skin is one of my weaker skills, but very popular in Romania. They call it "Going to the sorici [shau|ridge]".
Stylish seafood lunch at “Citronelle”, Bucharest
Good idea to consider "Citronelle" the venue for your next business dinner in Bucharest.
Tatar traditional “Belyashi”
Oil-fried, minced meat-filled Belyashi are a Tatar tradition in the Russian home-made cuisine.
Unwanted room burglary at Ramada Hotel, Sibiu (Hermannstadt)
We have all been in this situation: You can't get open your hotel room because the key card is demagnetized.
“Tips not included!” at “Kuchi”, Berlin-Mitte
It was one of these Fridays when I come back home after 2-3 weeks of business abroad. My family takes me out for dinner to a restaurant then.
Shiva, cloves and sea view diners on Bali
Impressively good infrastructure, intact roads and optical fiber cables for broadband internet on our way to the cloves farmers in the northern part of Bali.
Night walk at Clarke Quay, Singapore
Compared to other nightlife hotspots I've been to (i.e. Germany), Clarke Quay is sort of a mix of ...
Bourbon vanilla farming on Mauritius
Learn about Bourbon growing and sugar cane processing: The St. Aubin vanilla plantation and rum distillery in the southern part of Mauritius.
A day in Cairo’s better times’ lapsing decade
Nothing could better illustrate Egypt's social contrasts than this one-day breakout from Sharm-el-Sheikh to Cairo.

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