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Haute cuisine and swiss coziness at “Casa Mica Elvetie”, Predelut

Top cuisine, high accommodation standards and Swiss hospitality amidst native Romanian mountainside create the particular charme and flair of Swiss chef Jakob Hausmann’s “Casa Mica Elvetie” at Predelut.

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Soulful home feeling, top cuisine, nice environment.


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If you have lived half of your life as an expat you will understand what a place like Casa Mica Elvetie may mean to you.

It is like coming home and a temporary retirement from outside your comfort zone (in the sense that you crawl back inside your comfort zone, for a while).

At the end, a short escape from whatever’s getting on your expatriate nerves in a foreign country. And there are many even if you’re constantly trying to prove the opposite to yourself.

And not only you spend a time in a cozy western-minded environment, but also you meet people who are in a similar mood. That gives you a pleasant “Welcome-to-the-club” feeling.


And then there are chef Jakob Hausmann and his wife Crenguta who is a Maitre de restaurant. The two of them manage the location as a perfect combination of top cuisine, best standard accommodation and natural environment. Every moment you feel they do it from their soul, and they surround you with warmth and sincere friendship.

This time it was Jakob’s birthday BBQ that gathered around 40 people at Casa Mica Elvetie, locals and expats.

The first summer weekend 2015 saw it raining continuously two full days, Saturday and Sunday. Best BBQ weather at around 10 degrees centigrade. So put one more layer of clothes on you, fill the whisky glass again and enjoy! The rain made us stand close to each other on the terrace and talk.

Jakob operated his BBQ stand under a shed roof with stoic calm and highly concentrated and produced mouthwatering grill dishes as on a conveyor. The menu covered all from beefsteak and lamb tenderloin to tiger prawns and lobster tails or grilled burgers for the very hungry guests.

And as if this was not enough, Jakob at diner time again got up and on his gas stove to celebrate a “Lick-your-fingers” risotto with asparagus on the fly. Excellent performance. Everyone can stay in the kitchen, in front of the chef and follow the “making-of” with Jakob’s explanations. You don’t just eat, you also learn how to cook and the real value behind a dish.

So, again my weekend escape turned into a fully featured and multi sensory feasting event. Thanks Jakob and Crenguta!



For more info on Casa Mica Elvetie:

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Jakob Hausmann: A professional performer for his guests

Jakob Hausmann: A professional performer for his guests

Swiss hospitality at highest standards

Swiss hospitality at highest standards

Tender beefsteak with asparagus and pan-fried potatoes

Tender beefsteak with asparagus and pan-fried potatoes

Ham & bacon platter at breakfast

Ham & bacon platter at breakfast

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