Photographic views on things.

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At the threshold to prosperity

Vietnam - a "Worth-every-cent" destination
  • Saigon grilled chicken
  • Phan Thiết townhouse architecture
  • Dried fish and meat at Saigon market

Backpack, night life, urban jungle

Kuala Lumpur - a "Never-thought-its-like-this" destination
  • In between KL skyscrapers
  • Cooking stand in nightly KL
  • Woman with a sunshade

Shotguns, haze and crowded hotspots

Cairo - a "Wouldn't-probably-do-it-again" destination (2007)
  • Two camel riders
  • Residential architecture
  • Tourism police man

Shiva, cloves and beach view dinners

Bali - a "Must-come-back" destination

Delusions of grandeur @ 45 C

Dubai - a "Must-have-seen" (just once) destination

Vanilla, rum and creole easy-going

Mauritius - a "We've-been-there-too" destination

Powerful input of exciting impressions

New York City - a "Will-come-back-soon" destination

Townhouse in the skyline shadow

Singapore - a "Could-stay-here-for-longer" destination

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